During the pandemic, HyFlex (short for Hybrid-Flexible) blended learning is going from a niche to the norm. In a lecture that utilizes HyFlex technology, an instructor addresses both the in-person and remote learner audiences at the same time. 

This solution is to renovate traditional classrooms to fit for both of the distance teaching and local teaching. It gives your remote students real, in-class experiences; they will not miss out on those wonderful moments of spontaneous emergence that can sometimes happen in a live interactive discussion.

One of the key points of the solution is to create a system that allows online students to have the same experience as in a classroom, where teachers, online and offline students can easily interact and communicate. The second key point is not to let teachers have additional burdens, and not to require teachers to have IT technical background. Although the system equipment is very technical and complex, the teacher only needs to select the lecture mode according to the teaching method and scene.

The system consists of a PC with a touch panel monitor, multiple AV inputs like cameras, microphones, PC Monitor video/Audio, and speakers. It captures multiple camera videos/audio, microphone audios, composes professional-looking video scenes for each and every lecturing scenario, put multiple audio and video sources into a single stream for broadcast, fed to an online meeting application, and records the video for future editing and distribution. It provides an interface with the existing classroom PC in the format of a virtual webcam, so the classroom PC runs an online class with meeting platform software like Microsoft teams, Adobe Connect, Zoom, etc.

Main AV devices

  • Camera facing the instructor at the desk  –   instructor camera
  • Camera facing the students in the classroom – Student camera
  • Camera facing the whiteboard with 4K resolution – Whiteboard camera
  • Multiple Microphones  to pick up students on-site  – classroom microphones
  • Microphone to pick up instructor – instructor microphone
  • Speakers  for on-site students to hear remote students;
  • Video / Audio capture of classroom PC
  • Video / Audio capture of student PC

Mode and Scenes


Standard Mode – The instructor is full screen with classroom picture in picture (PIP) in the lower right corner.

Presentation Mode   – Classroom PC feed is full screen (for PowerPoint) with PIP of the instructor

Whiteboard Mode – Static whiteboard shot with PIP of the instructor

Projector Mode – Static projector shot with PIP of the instructor.

Video Conference mode – All Mics are active for full synchronous participation

Break Mode – Showing beautiful scenes or classroom camera view and with soft music.


All area sound picked up – All the area at Classroom is covered by multiple microphones, so both of the student’s and teacher’s sounds are picked up. System selects or mutes the microphone according to the teaching modes.

Two ceiling speakers – it outputs the clear sound from the classroom PC without sound vibration and echo, though the microphones pick sound from all areas.

High cost-performance – The system is integrated by PC, webcam, microphone, etc.. There are no high cost specific devices.

Easy to expand – The system is controlled by the AV PC, running by our AV system application; it is easy to add more cameras or microphones, or smart white board. We can customize each mode to fit your lectures styles.

Auto-Tracking camera – Option to add it into the system. It enables teachers to fully move about the room while the camera automatically follows to engage both in-class and remote learners equally, and can be set to either full tracking or zone tracking by presenter entire body or half body.   Students can view the teacher and materials simultaneously and clearly.  It greatly increases the impact of digital education.

System monitored and controlled remotely(option) – IT manager can monitor and control the AV system from his computer, and get alert notification when the system is with issues. So it can make sure it is ready for class without going to classroom

The system runs 24 hours a day, it stable and maintenance free, which has been proved by our customers; we have more than 40 classroom installations at colleges, and universities. 


Camera video inputs

Instructor’s Camera, 1pcs, 1080p, with microphone
Classroom Camera, 1pcs, 1080p, Wide View angle
White Board Camera, 1pcs, 4K

PC video inputs, output 

HDMI input from classroom PC, 1 port
HDMI input from Student PC, 1 port
Auto switch between 2 inputs
HDMI output to projector

Audio inputs

Microphone1: teacher table microphone (embedded in camera)
Microphone2,3: Classroom Microphone, high sensible to cover all area
Audio input from classroom PC and Student PC HDMI audios

Stream Output

By USB, PC recognize it as USB video Device, interface with major meeting softwares

 Audio outputs

Speaker, 2pcs, 60W, 2 ways
Volume control, mount on cabinet top 

Mode and Scenes

Standard, Presentation, Whiteboard Mode Projector, Video Conference mode, Break Mode Created from video audio source, or video/Audio files, pictures, or text on PC
Available to customize modes, 


PC, Windows 10, Intel®,  i5-11400F, GeForce® GTX 1650
System application, 
Display: Touchscreen, 13 inch


Cabinet : 19 inch cabinet, 15U,  W*D*H(mm):530*600*760;  W*D*H(inch):21”x24”x30”
Power Supply: AC input: 120V/10A


  1. Smart White board
  2. Auto Tracking Camera


Classroom camera

Classroom room camera
White view angle classroom Camera    4K

Teacher Camera with microphone

Auto Tracking Camera to follow teacher moving

    Two high sensitive boundary microphones to cover all area in the classroom

Standard Mode
White Board Mode, Projector mode
Conference mode