e Series Network Video Recorders

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wysLink Network Video Recorders are built by Windows server, provide secure, reliable and scalable video surveillance performances with an end-to-end security solution. It is developed for large scale video surveillance deployment for the application with multi locations and up to thousands of cameras. 

High secured system 

The system is a clean and closed system, which works without relying on any other servers. It is Canadian-developed production, and all the source codes are in-house, Consequently, there is little to no possibility of malicious access to the software.. The cameras are connected in a separate network segment where internet access is blocked. 

Multi-layer pyramid architecture of NVR deployment

NVRs and Servers can connect as NVR clusters at 2 or 3 layers pyramid structure, edge NVR is the one which camera connects to, second layer servers can be deployed at local or cloud. Video can be recorded at edge NVR, up layer NVRs, or multiple NVRs.  Live and recorded video can be accessed from local NVRs, or from up-layer NVRs. It provides great flexibility, video safety, to deploy a large scale video surveillance system at the application for airport, government, banks, schools, manufactures, etc. 

All in the Software package

  • CMS Server Services (installed at all NVRs ) 
  • Alarm and Notification Management (installed  all NVRs)
  • Surveillance Station (installed at Client PC)
  • System Configuration ( installed at Client PC)
  • Utility application of PC screen and Webcam streaming.
  • Video Analytics, and Smart Surveillance   (Option and separate license, installed at NVR or Client PCs).

We are happy to customize the software to suit all kinds of your video surveillance requirements. 

Stream PC Monitor video to CMS

A utility application software is provided to stream the PC monitor screen video, or webcam video to the system, which can run at front explicitly or in the background. Our customers use it to monitor the equipment status, and some use it to keep logs of each PC activity. 

With High performance and reliability

NVR models come optimized with RAID technology, hot-swappable drives, and  warranty with dedicated support from us to increase system uptime and availability.

Can store multiple copies at different NVRs, locally or remotely. All the hard disks are specially optimized for the video surveillance system.  

Cyber Security

With these NVRs, you don’t need to be an IT expert to deploy a system that meets the highest security standards. The NVRs are designed with high security site requirements in mind. Unused operating system services, ports and applications are all disabled to minimize attack vectors while also maximizing performance. Our system is designed for the application of government, enterprise and critical infrastructure facilities. 

eNVR specification

ModeleNVR -PRM-48TBeNVR -PRM-64 eNVR -PRM-96TBeNVR -PRM-120TB eNVR -PRM-168TB  eNVR -PRM-Customize           eNVR-STD16TBeNVR-STD-24TBeNVR-STD-36TBeNVR -STD-CustomizeeNVR-VAL-8TBeNVR-VAL-16TBeNVR-VAL-24TBeNVR -CPT- 1TB
HardwareDELL PowerEdge Rack Server  2UDELL PowerEdge Rack Server  1UDELL PowerEdge Mini tower ServerAluminum Case, Fanless PC

DescriptionVideo recorder for large scale deployment
With Enterprise level serverHigh reliable, 3 year warranty 
Video recorder for most of facilities
With Enterprise level serverHigh reliable, 3 year warranty 
Value type video recorder for small business, 
Mini Tower Server with 1 year warranty   
Compact recorder,  and streaming server to up server
Works for outdoor, Non-air-conditioned environment 1 year warranty
Cameras to be connected, as a guideUp to 200Up to 100Up to 50Up to 50

wysLink CMS
software package
CMS Server Services (in all NVRs )  / Alarm and Notification Management (In all NVRs) / Surveillance station (Client PC) / System Configuration ( Client PC) / PC screen and Webcam streaming Video Analytics Application Note: Software Cost  is not charged by license per camera, which is not included in NVR cost. 

Port Connection  1Gbe  x2 1Gbe  x2 1Gbe  x1 1Gbe  x2 
Recording RateUp to 640MbpsUp to 640MbpsUp to 320MbpsUp to200M
PlaybackUp to 640MbpsUp to 640MbpsUp to 320MbpsUp to 200Mbps
Raid Raid 6Raid 5No RaidNo Raid
SATAs  HDD Front 12  x 3.5”HDDRear  2    x 3.5”HDDHot-Plug hard drive(Max. 14TB/HDD )4 x3.5” HDD
Hot-Plug hard drive(Max. 14TB/HDD )
3 x3.5” HDD
Hot-Plug hard drive(Max. 12TB/HDD )
1 x2.5” HDD
Storage Capacity196TB 168TB( Effective Raid  raid 6) 56TB42TB ( Effective Raid  raid 5) 
Operating systemWindows Server 2019, standard Windows Server 2019, standard Windows10Windows10
Network Interface2 x 1GbE RJ452 x 10GbE RJ452 x 1GbE RJ451 x 1GbE RJ452 x 1GbE RJ45
Memory16GB RDIMM, 2666 MT/s8GB RDIMM, 2666 MT/s8GB UDIMM 8GB DDR3
ProcessorIntel Xeon Silver 4208 2.1G 8cIntel Xeon Bronze 3204 1.9G 6cIntel Xeon E-2224G, 3.5GHz 4c Intel Bay-Trail-D J1900 2.0GHz,4c
Video Port1xVGA1xVGA1xVGA, 2x HDMI1 DVI-I, VGA, HDMI
Form factor2U 19” rack mount chassis1U 19” rack mount chassisMini towerSmall box
DimensionsH: 86.8mm (3.41″) W : 434.0mm (17.1″) D: 595.6mm (23.5″)H: 44.45mm (1.70″) W : 434.0mm (17.1″) D: 595.6mm (23.5″)H:19.38″ / 492 mmW:18.5″ / 470 mm D:13.88″ / 353 mmH:63mmW: 247mmD: 152mm
Weight13.6kg (29.9lbs.)29.68kg (65.43lbs)23.3lb/ 10.6 kg2.7kg
Power InputSingle,Hot-plug Power Supply,495W 
Option1 : Hot-plug, Redundant Power Supply, 495W
Option2 Single, Hot-plug Power Supply, 1100W 
100V-240VAC 50/60Hz
Single 350W hot-plug redundant power suppliesOption1 : Hot-plug, Redundant Power Supply, 350W 
Option2 : Hot-plug, Redundant Power Supply,550W 

100V-240VAC 50/60Hz
Power Supply APFC

,DC9-36V Input Adaptor 12V/5A Attached 
Environmental  Operating Temperature 10° C to 35° C (50° F to 95° F)Storage Temperature -40° C to 65° C (-40° F to 149° F)Operating Humidity 10% to 80% relative humidity with 29°C (84.2°F) maximum dew pointStorage Humidity 5% to 95% RH with 33°C (91°F) maximum dew point.
Atmosphere must be non-condensing at all times
Operating Temperature-20°C ~ 50°CStorageTemperature-40°C ~ 80°COperating Humidity0% ~ 90%Atmosphere must be non-condensing
CertificatesUL, cUL, CE, RCM, BSMI, CCC, EAC, KC, NOM, NRCS, VCCI, RoHS, Reach (SVHC), WEEE, BISSafety UL/CSA/EN/IEC 62368-1Electromagnetic Emissions CFR Title 47, FCC Part 2, 15 Class A, ICES-003(A), EN 55032 Class A, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3FCC, CE, RoHS

System features

System integration and deployment

  • Uses Windows Server.
  • Multiple layer deployment (edge / Second layer/ top layer)
  • Connect NVRs by LAN or WAN as one system, local/remote
  • From one top layer server, able to access videos of any camera in the system.
  • Multiple recording of a camera. At edge NVR or at cloud server.
  • No limitation on number of cameras
  • Share camera software license within whole system.

Flexible and Expandable

  • Interface with utility application to output and input streams, events.
  • NVR main software is simple, stable and robust

Maintenance and support

  • Support from Richmond Hill
  • Support provided directly by service engineers and developers of the software.
  • Easy replacement of hardware.

Security feature

  • This is our own production and we own all the source codes. Unlike most CMS software in the market there is no hidden access given to other third party servers..
  • NVR works WITHOUT relying on our server and any other servers
  • All client applications on PC work WITHOUT relying on our server and any other servers
  • Inside software source, No hidden functions to communicate with others
  • Little to no possibility of malicious access to the software

NVR software feature

Camera Management

  • Add camera via auto search via ONVIF
  • Advance adding by URI
  • Add camera by maker’s private protocol

Role and User Management

  • Manage user permissions and roles for camera and control
  • Assign user to defined roles
  • Restrict user access by MAC of used device
  • Restrict user access by IP region where the user is. (City, province, country)

Event Management

  • Set alarm type
  • Set alarm scheme: all day, weekday, weekend,
  • Send Event to add-on utility application

Video Recording

  • Ability to record continuously or on motion
  • Available to save video at edge, at up layer servers or both
  • Set record days individually by camera
  • Auto load balance to all HDDs in a NVRs
  • Hard disk RAID

System Logs

  • View system, administrator, and client logs
  • Search and export logs

Video surveillance station Featuress

Live View

  • Display device tree;
  • Display device IP address or device name on the tree
  • View real-time video
  • Apply a common layout up to 32
  • Control PTZ cameras
  • Take Snapshots
  • Perform instant playback
  • Audio talk
  • Adjust the video image and the display mode (full screen or original)

Video Wall

  • Up to 16TV


  • Playback recording from edge NVR or up layer NVR
  • Multiple cameras Sync playback
  • Reverse playback
  • Support fast forward, and fast backward
  • clip video for file output
  • Take a snapshot
  • Decode to a TV wall


  • View real-time and alarm logs
  • View detailed alarm information
  • Acknowledge alarms
  • video pop up when an event occurs

Geography Map

  • View live video or recorded video on the map
  • Select camera from map

Order Information

  1. The Hard disk (surveillance) configuration can be customized upon requested 
ModelDescription (Raid 6 N-2)
eNVR -PRM-48TB48TB NVR Premium with Microsoft Windows Server 2019  ( 8TB x 8 HDD) , 3 year warranty
eNVR -PRM-64TB64TB NVR Premium with Microsoft Windows Server 2019 ( 8TB x 10 HDD)  , 3 year warranty
eNVR -PRM-96TB96TB NVR Premium with Microsoft Windows Server 2019  ( 12TB x 10 HDD)  , 3 year warranty
eNVR -PRM-120TB120TB NVR Premium with Microsoft Windows Server 2019  ( 12TB x 12 HDD) , 3 year warranty
eNVR -PRM-168TB168TB NVR Premium with Microsoft Windows Server 2019  ( 14TB x 14 HDD) , 3 year warranty
wysLink-CMS-lic60wysLink CMS bundled with eNVR-PRM, with 60 camera license 
ModelDescription (Raid 5 N-1)
eNVR -STD-16TB16TB NVR standard with Microsoft Windows Server 2019  ( 8TB x 3 HDD) , 3 year warranty 
eNVR -STD-24TB24TB NVR standard with Microsoft Windows Server 2019 (8TB x4 HDD) , 3 year warranty,
eNVR -STD-36TB36TB NVR standard with Microsoft Windows Server 2019  ( 12TB x 4 HDD) , 3 year warranty
wysLink-CMS-lic40wysLink CMS bundled with eNVR-STD, with 40 camera license 
               ModelDescription (Not Raid N)
eNVR -VAL-8TB8TB NVR value with Microsoft Windows 10  ( 8TB x 1 HDD) , 1 year warranty
eNVR -VAL-16TB16TB NVR value with Microsoft Windows 10  ( 8TB x 2 HDD) , 1 year warranty
eNVR -VAL-24TB24TB NVR value with Microsoft Windows 10  ( 8TB x 3 HDD) , 1 year warranty
wysLink-CMS-lic-24wysLink CMS bundled with eNVR-VAL, with 24 camera license 
ModelDescription (Not Raid N)
eNVR -CPT- 1TBCompact NVR with   Microsoft Windows 10   ( 1TB x 1 HDD)  16  camera licenses included 
wysLink-CMS-lic LicenseCMS Server Services (in all NVRs )    Alarm and Notification Management (In all NVRs)  Surveillance station (Client PC)   System Configuration ( Client PC)   PC screen and Webcam streaming 1 year technical support. * Licenses are required for all the cameras connections in a system. One camera needs one license to connect into the system.  Up layer NVR which accept camera stream from edge server, the license is not required.
LicenseSurveillance station with Video Analytics