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Video Player to play video backed up from recorder

It is video player to play raw videos which are copied from DVR and NVR.  The video is at file extention “avi” or “pvr”. Video file with extension can not been played by windows media player, or VLC.


  1. download the zip file. click   VideoPlayer20180328_2.1.0.148
  2. Unpack the zip file, copy all the files into a new folder.
  3. Click the videoPlayer.exe to start the player.




Suspects allegedly try to break into Toronto-area home while mother, daughter inside

By    Source : Global News

A Vaughan mother is speaking out after an alleged break-in attempt caught on camera on Victoria Day while she and her daughter were at home.

Debra Di Benedetto said the incident happened at around 2 p.m. Monday when a woman came to the front door of her Weston Road and Major Mackenzie Drive area home.

“She would ring the doorbell, then she’d wait about 30 seconds or so and she’d turn her back always to the camera,” she told Global News, adding she was at home with her daughter at the time while her husband was out running errands.

“I thought that was a bit suspicious, so we were very quiet in the house, just kind of observing this through the camera.”

After this occurred for a few minutes, Di Benedetto decided to confront the woman.

“I went to the front door but through the locked front door – did not open it at all – I just loudly said, ‘Hello, can I help you?’” she said.

“At that point she said, ‘Oh, is John there?’ and I said, ‘No, wrong house.’ She said, ‘Is this not 48?’ and I said, ‘No, it’s not.’”


Di Benedetto said the woman then turned and walked away. As soon as her husband returned home, she explained what happened. After they reviewed the security camera video, it left them shocked.

“Upon watching it, that is when we discovered that the silver vehicle had actually parked on the road and then two male suspects had actually already got out of the vehicle and were making their way along the side of my home towards the backyard,” Di Benedetto said, adding all three were wearing baseball hats and had backpacks while a fourth person remained in the car.

“I’m assuming that as soon as I said hello to her, she must have communicated to them, ‘Stop,’ because you can see the second male individual in the video actually stop dead in his tracks and then say, ‘Let’s go.’”

All three were then seen returning to the vehicle and leaving together.


Di Benedetto said the woman was wearing a scarf at times and it appeared she was talking into the scarf, possibly communicating with the two men. She said the incident has left her feeling “extremely frightened” and she’s still thinking about what could have happened.

“You get a lot of what-ifs. What if yesterday my daughter had gone with my husband to run that errand and I was here on my own?” Di Benedetto said.

“What if I had taken that opportunity to take a quick 10-minute shower and come out of the shower, they would have been in my home because they were making their way to the backyard trying to figure out a way to get in thinking nobody was home at the time.”

York Regional Police Const. Andy Pattenden said the behaviour seen on camera is typical of residential break-and-enters.

“They almost always happen during the day. Suspects will go to a house, knock on the door and ring a doorbell, and wait for somebody to answer the door,” he said, adding suspects will often kick open the front door or pry open a rear entry point.


Pattenden said one of Di Benedetto’s neighbours had their home broken into hours after the incident, but police haven’t confirmed a link.

He said break-and-enters continue to be an issue for officers. In 2016, police said they investigated more than 1,300 residential incidents.

Pattenden encouraged anyone with information about this or other incidents to contact police.

Meanwhile, Di Benedetto encouraged people across the GTA to take caution and not open the front door for unknown people.


“It’s not specifically this area. It’s happening in the Toronto area, it’s happening in the Markham area – it’s more common than we know,” she said.

“If it is a stranger, just acknowledge that you see them, let them know that you are in the house and hopefully that’s enough for them to just continue on and make their way to the next home.”


Read full version at Global News

Network Camera

wysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick Guide

Please be advised you can download user manual and software from

wysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick Guide for

Model: WP115, WP158V, WP158W, WP196V, WP196W

Connecting the Hardware

wysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick Guide

Device Connection

  1. Near the wireless router, plug one end of the enclosed power adapter into the power jack of the camera, and the other end of the power adapter into the wall outlet.
  2. When camera finishes rotating and Ding-Dong tone coming out, it means that IP camera is waiting for receiving Wi-Fi signal (if you connect the camera with Ethernet cable, there will not be any Ding-Dong tone coming out from camera).
  3. Make Wi-Fi available on your mobile phone.

Note: when the IP camera is in the initial state, there is Ding-Dong tone coming out from it. Here are three methods to suspend the Ding-Dong tone:

  1. connect your IP camera to the router with Ethernet cable;
  2. connect your IP camera to the router via smart-config;
  3. power off the IP camera.

Download and Install App.

Android users can search IPCAM P from Google Play store, or just scan the QR-code below to download the App.

wysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick GuidewysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick Guide

iOS users can download IPCAM P from App Store.

wysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick Guide

After installing, the icon will pop up on the mobile phone.

wysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick Guide

Add Camera

  1. Run the IPCAM P App. Click on wyslink wp guideon the home screen, then click on “Add manually”. Please click on “Next” from the first option “Wi-Fi SmartConfig”.

wysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick GuidewysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick Guide

2. Confirm that you already followed instructions to be as picture 2-1. The app. will automatically select the Wi-Fi network. Input Wi-Fi password and click on “Setting”, then it will be in configuration process as picture 2-2.

wysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick GuidewysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick Guide

Tips for Wi-Fi Smart-config:

The camera only supports the 2.4 GHz wireless spectrum. If your mobile phone is connected to 5.0 GHz wireless spectrum, please switch to the 2.4 GHz one.

wysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick GuidewysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick Guide

When Ding-Dong ring tone stopped, please select the device UID number as picture 2-3, consider a name for your camera and click on “Add” as picture 2-4.

3. Once the camera was added, you will be redirected to the home screen, where you can view the camera. Click on the video, it could be shown solely. Click on on the top for return.

wysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick GuidewysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick Guide

Advanced Settings

As picture 3-1, tap wyslink wp guide to get function list bar and tap wyslink wp guide navigating into advanced settings, you can change password, set up motion detection, recording etc.

wysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick Guide

Operation and Setting for Video

You can change such settings on the video preview interface.

wysLink WP Series P2P Camera Quick Guide

Installation Sample

Security Camera Installation Project 05 Offices, Factories and Facilities

In the previous article, we looked at how surveillance cameras benefit small restaurant and business owners. Today, we will dive a little deeper, and find out how to plan the right setup for a working environment (Offices, Factories and Facilities). The takeaway here: a smart balance of traditional surveillance technology and the latest cloud video surveillance technology.

It is always nice to have surveillance systems at work venues, especially those that entertain visitors and guests on a regular basis. As a preventative measure, the presence of security cameras provides a major psychological obstacle for prospective wrongdoers. Also, at the onset of an unpleasant event, video evidence can be a quick and efficient way of resolving any issues on hand.

Below we have a perfect example of how surveillance footage helped to solve a Toronto burglary case effortlessly.

The top priority of security camera installation is always to understand the client’s needs, be it the location to be monitored, the type of cameras, how wiring should be done, etc..

Commonly speaking, entrances front and back are always point of interest, thus the presence of cameras overlooking these areas are vital.

In this example, we installed a WHS400 – a rotatable, remotely controllable (via cellphone) camera is installed at the front entrance.


Whilst at the back, a wide angled WHS318 is implemented extend surveillance to neighbouring roads.


Inside, 3 cameras are utilized to eliminate all blindspots and ensure full coverage of the open area.

p2 p3 p50

Lastly, one more camera is strategically positioned to at the end of the corridor to prevent unnecessary peeking into private areas.


Aside from NVR (network video recording), all cameras have been upgraded to cloud storage, where a backup will always be stored in the cloud for easy access and video footage loss prevention. Although various firms across GTA offer video surveillance, wysLink proudly the only one that supports both local and cloud footage storage simultaneously. And we keep our promise!

Wherever you are, your peace of mind will always be with you.

Cloud monitoring screenshot:


Local monitoring screenshot:


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Installation Sample

Security Camera Installation Project 02 Toronto Townhouse

Many people think about to install security cameras to protect their own properties. Some might be stopped by the high cost. Actually the cost really varies depends on the specific situation. It could be as low as only several hundred dollars. If you have a tight budget and need to have a good security camera system at home, you need to contact with us  for a perfect solution. In today’s case, only two cameras and one recorder satisfy our customer’s needs. (Security Camera Installation Project 02 Toronto Townhouse)

This customer lives in a townhouse where there are only two areas need to be monitored: the drive way and the backyard. After the investigation we found only two cameras would meet the customer’s needs. We chose the 2.8mm wide angle lens camera model WHS318, one for the front door, another one for the backyard. Only one of this model of camera could do the things which needs two other ordinary cameras to do. If we took ordinary cameras, we probably need two to make up a crossfire to monitor one area, but here since we used WHS318 we only need one to get the job done.


So we installed one camera at the top right of the garage. It would monitored the whole driveway, the lawn and the sidewalk. If one camera could solve the problem, why need two cameras. Having one less camera saves on devices and installation cost.

Looking from outside, all the cable were hidden. So there’s no need worrying about the cable would be cut. Even though somebody damaged the camera, the actions would be recorded.



For the backyard, we only needed one camera to monitor the back door.


The screen looks like the following picture


The network video recorder was connected to customer’s TV. By doing this customer saved money to buy a dedicated monitor. When the customer were home, she could watch cameras from the TV. When she was out, she could remote monitor from the smart phone or even took screenshots, recorded videos onto the phone. After installed the cameras, no matter what happened or whoever came to the front door would be recorded. Evidences are always there.

The system consisted of two cameras, one recorder, free PC software and smart phone App. The recorder had 1TB hard drive installed to record up to one month.

There was only one time cost for the system and no monthly fees. You could use this system for a long time without ongoing services fees.

If you need security camera system for your home, call wysLink.

Security cameras record details, restore the truth and help to protect your properties.

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Installation Sample

Surveillance Installation for 5000sqft Mansion

Under the blistering heat of 34°C, we completed the surveillance installation of the entire system for this luxurious home. With a ear-to-ear smile on the client’s face, we felt a day well worth the work!

With a home 10x bigger than mine, this Torontonian client is certainly not one who is short on dime. However, we only recommended using 4 cameras on premise after an onsite analysis revealed this to be a relative simple job. With a wide angle camera at the front, the entire front garden is within view. The back garden is also covered with just a single high-position camera. Two regular cameras were installed on each side of the house to monitor activities along the sidewalks leading to the back of the house. The entire setup was tailor-made for the house, providing a cost-effective solution for the millionaire. In terms of wiring, powerline technology was implemented to ensure minimal alterations to the exterior decor, as well as to shield wiring from unnecessary winter chills. All cameras are 1080p HD, with local storage and remote playback. Should the client wish to upgrade to a cloud based footage storage service, a simple software upgrade will do.


The front garden camera, mounted atop the garage entrance.


The back yard camera is placed 20ft above ground, offering an eagle-eye effect on the entire garden.


Sideway cameras – simply does the job.


Screen shot of real life footage, mobile version.

Camera used: WHS318 – 1080p, 98° angle coverage, supports P2P (remote viewing) technology, as well as cloud uploading. The protruding design of the camera is highly visible, fending off any prospective crimes.

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Installation Sample

Security Camera Installation Project 01 Toronto House

It’s like anywhere else in this world, Canada is getting more unsafe. There are more and more burglaries. Methods to protect own properties needs to be considered. One of the best choices is you need to install security cameras for your home. (Security Camera Installation Project 01 Toronto House)

We’ve been in security camera business for years, already installed many cameras for our customers and got many thoughts about it. Now it’s the time to share you some ideas. The following project is the one we recently completed. We use it as the first blog of the security camera installation projects series.

This customer takes very good care of his house, doesn’t like drilling holes on the wall. He doesn’t want to open the drywall for fishing wires and paint after the installation. For such situation we decided to deploy powerline technology to provide power for the cameras and transmit the video data making the most of reducing the damage to the walls.

The house is about 4000 sq ft. We designed to install 5 cameras to cover the areas the customer cares about. Those cameras’ views will cover the driveway, the walkway to the backyard, the swimming pool in the backyard and the corner windows as well. Two cameras at the back of the house make up a crossfire to monitor the rear door. Since the customer required not to damage the wall, there are a small amount of cables running outside along the wall from 2 cameras into a small hole.

Camera #1
Located at the top of the garage. The view of the wide angle lens covers the entire driveway, the trees and lawn in front of the house, as well as the sidewalk. All cars and people passing by will be recorded.

Camera #2
Located above the front door. Visitors coming to the front door will be in the view.

Camera #3
Monitor the walkway to the backyard and the windows at the side of the house.

Camera #4 #5
Monitor the backyard, the swimming pool and the deck from left and right.

Basically, the property is entirely covered by the cameras’ views.

All the cameras are WHS318, 1080P, 90° field of view, SONY chipset, water proof, POE working with powerline technology.

The Network Video Recorder we used is 2TB, 8-channel supported. It will record up to 1 month.

The system comes with our free App. for android and iPhone users allowing them to remote view the cameras, take screenshots and record videos into the smart phones.

Satisfying customers with their budgets is our priority when we provide them home security camera solutions.

So here are the pictures:




security camera installation project 01

Security cameras record details, restore the truth and help to protect your properties.
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Installation Sample

Security Camera Installation Project 03 Rental Properties and Houses

Previously, we went through how to setup a monitoring system on townhouses. Today, we will go through how to establish a monitoring system for rental properties and houses.


What is this house like?

The landlord invested in a 6,000sqft house with 6 parkings. It is extremely hard to lease out such a big house entirely to one tenant, as it would require up to CAD$3000 plus worth of rent each month. As a result, the Canadian rental housing market exists a lot of similar houses with separate renting entities within each house. Separate rentals draws in individual tenants who are strangers to one another, as a result, disagreements are bound to arise. Be it scratches on cars outside parking, foods and items getting missing, tenants would always have a lot to complain to the landlord. Whilst searching for a way to resolve these conflicts, the landlord came up with the perfect solution — setup a video monitoring system across all common areas. But one thing is certain:


After initial consultation, our wysLink technicians recommended installing a WIFI IP camera across each corridor on each floor. This handy device is fully rotatable, audio recording capable, and can prevent mis-entering of rooms and breaking-and-enterings from happening. A wide-angle WHS318 is implemented to monitor the driveway, front entrance and walkway. In total, the entire plan costs less than CAD$1,000. Internal cameras require no behind-wall wiring — just plug into wall socket and use, thus perfectly preserving wall entirety. Now with a prominent camera installed in plain sight, no one will purposefully mis-enter other tenants’ rooms anymore.


The general playback and display monitor is setup at the main hall to allow public viewing. But a password applied on the device prevents unauthorized editing and deletion. The landlord is also capable of remote viewing via our smartphone app — available on both iOS and Android platforms. Equipped with both live-viewing and recorded playback, our state-of-art phone app is on par with the industry’s heavy-weights. As a testament to our commitment towards always providing the best service for our clients, all of our NVRs (network video recorders) are now mobile-history-viewing ready.

Weak WiFi signal is always a headache for big houses like this. Without a stable signal, picture transmission may be weak, shaky and sometimes even at loss. We would usually recommend a powerline or WiFi extender to ensure no such problems arise.

We currently employ TP-Link’s TL-WPA4220KIT powerline, a simple and yet highly reliable device.


(power source is hidden within the wall)

This camera is a P2P Hi-definition smart wifi camera.

camera1 20161104-4 20161104-3

A black version of the camera

camera2 20161104-20

With a wide-angle camera positioned at the front entrance, its capture range is 2x of that of a normal camera. Twice the range, half the cost.


Mobile display is nice and easy to operate. Adding new cameras and taking screenshots are simply just a few touches away.


With the arrival of cameras, tenants will inevitably become more cautious and respectful of public properties and neighbours’ privacy. Whilst monitoring systems does not translate to complete security, it offers valuable quality evidence to ease the investigative procedures. Furthermore, the mere existence of an all-seeing-eye will make everyone feel safe and more alert of their actions around the house. If you are currently renting out houses, why not consider one?

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Installation Sample

Security Camera Installation Project 04 Restaurant and Retail Properties

In previous articles, we have demonstrated the effectiveness of monitoring systems within a residential setup. Today, we will look into how businesses will benefit from having a monitoring system.

“Smile, you are on Camera =)”

Most restaurant and retail properties are equipped with a reliable monitoring system for the rainy days. Here, at a popular local eatery, patrons can feel safe dining in knowing the are under the protection of theft. Should unforeseeable occasions arise, video footage can offer invaluable insight through the revisiting of the entire event. On the other hand, the knowledge of an active recording device will also encourage staff to be on their best behavior. With all honesty, surveillance at restaurants are not meant to monitor patrons. Situated at key locations, they are directed at the flow of traffic.

In this example, we installed 6 cameras. One is situated at the front entrance, to keep track of the in and outflows. In recent times, the front entrance screenshot of a woman missing in Markham is broadcasted across the city by the police.



The front entrance camera,


camera facing cashier station,


another at the kitchen


the remaining 3 are all located in the service area, facing key locations

r5 r1 r2-1

We have covered all areas of concern, with the option to expand coverage through additional cameras.

The final impression,


The receiver’s harddrive is 4TB large, capable of storing a month’s worth of 1080p HD footage.

Mobile apps supporting P2P remote viewing are also available, restaurant owners can monitor their stores at anytime of the day.

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