Production outline

It is a solar panel system to power up the camera, and provides LTE wireless connections, which is used when surveillance camera is installed in a place where there is no power and no internet connection. The system includes

  • 100 Watts 12 Volts Solar panel
  • Solar panel charge controller
  • Deep circle 105Ah battery 12.8V output
  • Pole mounting frame and bracket
  • Battery low power protector
  • LTE Wireless connection box

The picture left is shown as an installation project sample. Please be noted that the item 3) 4) 5) 6) are inside of the optional wooden box, the camera, wood and metal extend pole are not including in the system.


1. Solar panel

  • Solar panel : Monocrystalline
  • Watts : 100W
  • Controller: 30A PWM Controller
  • Cable Panel to controller 10AWG  8feet

2. Aluminum mounting frame and bracket

  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 76.99 x 14 x 6.5 cm; 2.04 Kilograms 
  • Post Mounting bracket: U-bolt size x 2 pcs     C=4” 1/16 L=5” D=3/8
  • All accessories to mount solar panel are included.

3. High Speed 4G LTE connection

  • Data transfer Rate: 300MPS
  • Antenna : 2 x 3dB external antennas
  • Port : 1 Sim card port
  • Output: 1 Ethernet port, RJ45 Socket
  • Wi-Fi Access point: 2.4G 300Mbps
  • Wi-Fi protocol: IEEE802.11b /802.11g / 802.11n
  • Worked with Rogers/Bell

4. Battery

  • Group 31 Premium Deep Cycle Battery 12.8V
  • 800 marine cranking amps, 105 amp hours, 185 minute reserve capacity
  • Dimensions: 13″ L x 6.75″ W x 9.25″ H (330 x 180 x 250 mm)
  • Battery protector: Load disconnect 10.0V, Reconnect:11.4V

5. Power output

  • DC Power Plug 5.5mm/2.1
  • Output voltage: +12.3V (3%) with Voltage Stabilizer and Surge Protector
  • Output Current: Max 3.0A

Application Notes

In our experiences, the system powers 2 regular cameras, or one PTZ camera with higher zoom.
Full charged battery can provide powers 2 pcs cameras with 7W power consumption for 3-4 days. At case of camera with big zoom times, only one camera is suggested since the IR light power will be bigger at higher zoom.

  • It take 3-4 days to charge battery at full in spring or autumn, but in the winter time, it takes more days. If the system needs to work during winter time, two batteries are suggested to be used if it needs to power two cameras.
  • To get best charge efficiency during the winter time, in Toronto area, solar panel need installed at facing south, and 50-55 degree tilt angle (between panel and horizontal).
  • With the battery protector, once the battery voltage is lower than set level, the output to camera will be cut. After the battery is charged up to certain level, the output is started.

Option1 : Wooden Box

  • Dimension   W18” xD12”xH16”   ( for one battery)   W18” xD12”xH28”   ( for 2 batteries)
    Material Treated exterior plywood
  • Parts to be storage    Batteries, solar panel charge unit, battery protect.

Notes : Use screws (Not attached) to mount to wood post, or use U-bolts (Not attached) to mount to metal or concrete post.