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CES 2017 - Samsung Galaxy A 2017 Series - Water Resistance Design Android Marshmallow
by ces
Description :
I’ve been waiting quite some time for Samsung to issue a refresh to the Chromebook that began the true ‘For Everyone’ campaign with Chrome OS: The Series 3. It has had a seriously effective and substantial run as the first real impacting Chrome OS device. Since then, many (including myself) have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of its successor. While the Series 3 was an effective product with good longevity and a seriously low price-point, we’ve all wondered what Samsung would come up with next. Now that the market for Chromebooks is beginning to expand and the number of hardware manufacturers is steadily on the rise, it seemed inevitable that Samsung would once again enter the fray. The hope, then, was that Samsung would bring better specs on the hardware front at the same impossibly low price. After blazing the trail for the low-cost Chromebook, most figured Samsung and its enormous stacks of cash could truly deliver something special. Add to these expectations the desire from some for a more mid-range Chromebook (from, well, anyone at this point!) and you have a recipe for some seriously high expectations from this new lineup from Samsung. Once the leaks began to really materialize over the weekend, it became apparent that there would be two models: an 11.6″ and 13.3″. This simply added to the hopes for what exactly would be unveiled. One ARM, one Haswell? One TN panel, one IPS? Insane resolutions on both? No one was quite sure.
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New Production
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