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It's our philosophy that companies that do well should also do good
by xango

It's our philosophy that companies that do well should also do good. For over a decade, XANGO has dedicated large amounts of research, resources and time to finding a way to give back to those in need. The XANGO Goodness Meal Pack is the culmination of those efforts.

The XANGO Meal Pack is a water-soluble formula that provides ready-made meals to support suffering populations in diverse parts of the world. The Meal Pack is specially formulated for best absorption and utilization by malnourished individuals with fragile digestive systems. Since it began in 2007, the Meal Pack program has provided more than 7 million meals to undernourished children and families in dozens of countries through partnerships with leading humanitarian relief, non-profit organizations.

The Meal Pack is part of the XANGO Goodness movement, a corporate-giving program begun shortly after the company opened for business in 2002. Through the XANGO Goodness Foundation, and related charitable activities, XANGO and its distributors have donated tens of millions of dollars in cash funding, in-cost goods and volunteer hours to support community development, improved nutrition, and childhood and family wellness in six continents across the globe.

“Giving back is baked into XANGO’s business model and an important way of acknowledging our success,” said XANGO Founder Gordon Morton. “The ’12 Days of Giving’ campaign gives all of our distributors and customers the opportunity to give a gift of life to a child or adult in need of basic nourishment.  We invite interested consumers to purchase a Meal Pack and help us continue to change lives through this wonderful initiative.”

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