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PetChatz® HD and PawCall®_ Never worry about you pet again
by animal_zh
PawCall will connect with the all new PetChatz HD, the revolutionary pet camera that is allowing pet parents to connect with their pets from anywhere, anytime through their smartphones, tablets or computers. PetChatz HD features an HD, low-light camera and a high quality audio system. A couple of key focal points as we developed our pet camera product: Connecting the Disconnected - being able to easily communicate with people (or animals) that can't answer a phone or make outgoing calls. Full Sensory Immersion - animals use all of their senses (smell, sight, taste, hearing) to understand the world around them and we felt it important to make sure all senses were engaged. Two-way communication - pets thrive on interaction with their owners. One-way communication was considered - and thought be be too basic. We went all the way to complete two-way interaction. Our goal - let you be there from anywhere for your furry friends. Post your own PetChatz moment on your favorite social network and tag it #PetChatz for the chance to win a PetChatz prize pack. Share it. Tag it. Win. PetChatz® is a new way to connect and interact with your pet from anywhere. They see you, hear you, and feel your love with the tasty treats and soothing scents you provide.
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