Solcam Pro WWC500

There’s so many to love.

Totally Wire-Free, Wi-Fi, Solar Powered
No wiring at all!  2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, 2x2300AmH Lithium battery, charged with 2.2w solar panel

Full HD (1920*1080)
See everything that goes on at home in more brilliant detail

Motion Detection Alert
Get instant notifications sent to your smartphone

Night white Lights
Turns on automatically at night when intruder appears. Get color vision even at night

Night Infrared Lights
See clearly in the dark, with up to 20m night infrared lights.

Rapid Wake-Up
Wake up at once for live view or motion event detected.

Ultra low power & long time standby
Charge 2-3 days, work for months and longer

Local Video Storage
Store captured footage on SD memory card.

Motion detection
Wide-angle micorwave motion sensor makes sure no movement slips through without notice.

Come rain or shine.
IP66-certified weather-proof to stand watch for you from anywhere. outdoor, rain or shine.

Built-in Microphone
Built-in mic to listen from scene, video with audio

100% Wire-Free,  Solar Powered,  Wi-Fi Camera

Easy installation & Suitable for all conditions




Children Crossing

Construction site

Parking lot

Infrared Night Vision & Color Night Vison

This camera offers both of infrared lights (up to 20meters ), and white LED motion lights which will be automatically activated when a person or moving object is sensed at night.

Live View, Replay, Alert Anywhere Anytime

Access the camera with free App “ToSee”, and view check what’s happening to your home/business on the go!

Receive instant push notifications on your phone when motion like human pass by, car drive-in is triggered, and replay recorded videos on SD card remotely

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