Video Central Management System (CMS) software 

wysLink CMS  is a comprehensive central management system platform designed to deploy video surveillance systems for multi-site, multi-server with thousands of cameras or recorders. It consists of video servers and windows desktop clients. Video servers can be configured as single, or multiple servers with multiple layers to tailor to specific project needs. The modern and powerful desktop clients can access the centralized video server system from anywhere they are needed to check live, recorded video, and real time alerts as well. It offers efficient video management, flexible deployment, continuous recording and proactive control, suitable to deploy systems for factories, retailer stores, school, airport, government and so on.

FLEXIBLE server system deployment

Small size business:

for small or medium business, one local video server connects with video recorders, or network cameras. A user friendly interface lets you manage and monitor IP cameras in your shop or office.

Medium size system: 

For factories, multiple locations of branches, shops .. . One or multiple servers are deployed at local, and a second layer server (s) is deployed at remote. Video can be stored at local, remote servers or both



Large-scale deployment:

For Airport, public traffic, and other municipal facilities. One or multiple servers (first layer) are deployed at local, second layer multiple servers are deployed at remote, and top lay server connects with all second layer servers. So that video from any device in the system can be accessed from the top layer server.

Secure, and reliable server system

The system is a closed system, where there are no any accesses with third party servers and storage from the applications and services. There is no website based access allowed from core servers.   Videos are streamed by TCP packet, and guarantee a seamless streaming and recording for all the time as long as the network is stable. The video can be configured to be recorded at multiple servers local or remote with different video lifetime, so it reduces the risk of data loss or other possible damages when server error. It easily reconfigures video stream flow to other servers when server fail out.

Powerful windows client application

By the windows desktop client, you can play back recordings quickly and track the changes during your IP camera’s watch time.  It supports grid video display up to 32 channels, and can extend to 16 TV wall screen displays;  supports tree view, and map view where the camera is selected by clicking the location on the map



Open-Platform integration

The server system has been integrated with several IP cameras for several specific vendors by which some detailed function can be supported. Meanwhile It is an open platform, giving you the flexibility to use existing cameras or select cameras from other vendors. The system is designed to meet open standards for easy interoperability with third party software and hardware by ONVIF protocol.


  • Flexible server deployment
  • Visualized operation with interactive map and video wall
  • Efficient response with an intuitive alarm management interface
  • Flexible evidence handling, fast event response
  • Support cameras from most of vendors
  • PTZ Controls
  • Low Bandwidth Adaptability
  • TV wall display
  • Window division allows each monitor to display 1 to 36 windows
  • supports up to 16 separate TV Walls

Sever and Client PC requirements

wysLink CMS requires a remote host server delivering a certain level of performance which may be affected by the number of paired recording servers and the IP cameras in the CMS architecture. It is thus essential to select a suitable product as the CMS host server to deliver a good performance of overall operations.

Besides, following aspects are considered

  •  Video stream resolution and frame rate
  • Data usage bandwidth if rental a server
  • Bandwidth & Connectivity of server and LAN to Ethernet.
  • Disk volume and RAID
  • Fan less ragged local server with SSD storage,


About windows client application, it can run at most of PC with windows 7,or higher, almost no specific requirements. However if client need access videos more than 32 channels, the PC video display performance need considered.

Feel free to consult us for the best cost performance servers.


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